Life Coaching

"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change" - Stephen Hawking

As a Life Coach my main objective is to help my clients become what they want to be. If this is you, we can work together to identify your goals and create measured steps for you to achieve them.

If our greatest strength is our self-belief, you already have that in considering Gwynfyd Thinking as your life coaching method.

Life Coaching sessions are paid for individually via PayPal or bank transfer. Sessions are usually 6 or 8 in number and are managed via mobile or an online virtual meeting platform. The first meeting, to establish whether Gwynfyd Thinking will be right for you, is free.

For further information please email Morgan via the Contact page.

Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching (Distinction), Gwynfyd Thinking: Teacher, Life Coach, Writer, Novelist (Amazon Books) and Narrative Artist