"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change" - Stephen Hawking

Using the art of metaphor to encourage communication and invoke new ideas, Morgan has worked with her clients to define their goals, discussing realistic strategies to achieve them. One of her methods for opening discussion has been to use Minoan paintings.

'When they say "every picture tells a story", I have always believed the Minoans created their pictures to be discussed. All their images seem to demonstrate a powerful sense of confidence and suggest they wanted their people to see themselves differently, that anyone could change for the better! Perhaps that is why a 4,000 year old trading civilisation managed to achieve such a high and unique standard of living, influencing their Egyptians neighbours and the vast coastlines of the Aegean Sea. That even in our current times Minoan thinking can still inspire self-belief that we are unlimited. Their pictures are still talking!'

Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching (Distinction), Member of Association for Coaching (MAC)

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